Viking Fall Wrestling Club!

The Viking off-season wrestling clubs continue this fall with 9 consecutive Tuesday evenings of preparation for the upcoming season.  Each Tuesday clinic will be held from 6:30-8:30.  Participants will get plenty of drilling, live wrestling, and time in the weight room.

We have once again reserved the expertise of Coach Dwayne Barberis and Coach Matt Pelligrino.  Dwayne and Matt wrestled for four years at American University.  They are very knowledgeable and excellent technicians.  They both were the instructors at last falls as well as this past springs mat clubs.

Remember, this is for all wrestlers from 6th grade-12th grade of any ability level

All wrestlers, or those interested in wrestling, who are not currently in a fall sport at Whitman are STRONGLY URGED to go to every one of these Tuesday evening clinics.  This is the BEST way to get ready for the winter wrestling season!

I’ll see you in the Whitman Wrestling Room on Tuesday nights!

Coach Manon
Head Wrestling Coach
Walt Whitman High School










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