The weight certifications for this wrestling season will be Saturday, November 5th.  This is a MANDATORY team function.  We will be leaving Whitman on a bus as a team at 10:30 to travel to Blake HS.  You will need your permission slip that is attached here  and a photo ID (if you don’t have the ID it’s ok, but it makes it easier.)  We will be back to Whitman by about 12:30.  Please wear comfortable clothes (sweats with athletic shorts underneath) and a T-shirt/sweatshirt. Athletic shorts and T-shirt must be worn for the analysis. PLEASE remember to stay hydrated for this.  Here is a link to hydration tips. If you are not hydrated the body fat test will not work properly and you will have to go to the makeup date which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Here is a link to a parent letter providing more information. Email/call Coach Manon with any questions.

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