Vikings vs. Einstein and Watkins Mill

Vikings Dominate Home Tri-Meet vs. Einstein and Watkins Mill

                Despite new injuries in an already depleted line up, new Vikings stepped up and some Vikings wrestled up, and the team turned in dominating performances against the Einstein Titans and the Watkins Mill Wolverines in Wednesday’s home tri-meet. This showing should provide this evolving team some momentum into the dual at Richard Montgomery at 4:00 PM on Friday.

                The injury bug continues to strike. Yussef Zaki, Sr. Captain and 220 standout, has learned he will be out at least six weeks. Seb Turkewitz, Jr. 170, is also likely sidelined for several weeks. Caleb Brenner also did not wrestle due to injury. Luke Cullinane, Sean Fleming, and Sang Bobbit Hanna were already out for the season. The depth the coaches have cultivated comes into play now, and younger wrestlers have opportunities to step up. On the flip side, Peyton Casamento returned for his first matches after injury and illness.

Vikings over Titans 64-10

Thomas Santora led off for the Vikings in the 220 spot. This is three weight classes and 38 pounds heavier than where Thomas has been wrestling at 182. Despite the jump, Thomas continued his string of success, using a bear hug to score a takedown at 1:40 and then an arm-bar to a pin at 0:21 in the first. Tom Wilmarth (Hwt.) followed with a forfeit, and the Vikings were up 12-0 quickly.

Peter Li (106) kept the quick-win string going, scoring a takedown at 1:14, then using a half to flip and pin his opponent at 0:30 of the first. Isaac Besrat (113) followed with a 14-4 major decision. After falling behind with a takedown at 1:26 in the first, Isaac put together 14 unanswered points, with two long near falls where he could not quite get both shoulders to the mat before the buzzer. After these two matches, Vikings led 22-0.

 Next up, Peyton Casamento (120) exploded at the whistle with the energy of a wrestler who has been longing to get onto the mat this season. He scored a takedown in the first ten seconds, and after getting under the arms of and throwing his opponent for a takedown about half-way through the second period, nailed the pin with 0:52 remaining. 28-0 Vikings.

Sophomore Rian O’Connor (126) then made his first varsity appearance in this spot. He delivered. Against a very active opponent who started the second period in the down position, Rian stayed very fluid to keep with his opponent and defeated several switch attempts, but finally relinquished a reversal and was down 1-4 at the end of the second period. In the third, Rian started in the down position, scored a quick escape, then headlock to a takedown and tied the score at 4-4. He cut his opponent for an escape and then took another takedown with a minute left and held on for the dramatic 6-5 win. Vikings up 31-0.

Matthew Lindstrom (138) made quick work of his opponent, sweeping the ankle to score a takedown in the first five seconds and then using a barbed wire and half to land the pin at 0:18. 

Two Whitman wrestlers drew county-ranked oppoents. Sean Mitchell’s opponent at 132 is currently ranked second and pinned Sean at 0:32 in the second period. Colby Fong’s opponent placed 4th in counties last year and is currently ranked fourth. Colby took him to the limit, wrestling the first period to a 0-0 draw, but finally ceding a major decision 0-9. Vikings up 37-10.

Charlie Imperial (152) scored a single-leg takedown within 20 seconds, then ran a half at 0:58 and converted to a pin at 0:44. Max Gersch followed with a similarly quick pin, nailing a take down in 12 seconds, then scoring a near fall before taking the pin at 0:13. 49-10 Vikings.

Will Macdonald was another first-time varsity wrestler at 170. No worries. With a quick shot at 1:30, he scored the take down, then converted to a pin at 1:14. 55-10 Vikings.

John Mackall (182) wrestled up two weight classes and took a hard-fought decision.  Facing a much larger opponent, John was up 2-1 after the first period, but then gave up a take down at the buzzer ending the second period to fall behind 4-5.  John started the third period in the down position and scored a reversal in the first 10 seconds.  He then rode out the rest of the period for a 6-5 win. 58-10 Vikings.

Danylo Hartzler (195) was the fourth season-debut-Varsity wrestler at his weight class, and like the others took full advantage.  Danylo scored a takedown within thirty seconds then pinned his opponent at the 0:55 mark. With his win, the final score was Vikings 64, Titans 10.

The JV Vikings followed up in similar form. Einstein does not have the depth the Vikings have, and fielded only four grapplers. Anh Le was down 1-4 at 0:20 when he reversed his opponent and scored a pin with two seconds remaining. Joseph Aron then scored a takedown in 15 seconds and took a half to a pin at the 1:03 mark. Stephanie Solloso took her opponent down within the first ten seconds, then used a power half to a pin at 1:27. Jimmy Ostler then closed out the bout with a victory. Up 4-0 after a reversal in the second, he used a barbed wire to secure a pin at 0:51. Four matches, four pins for wins.  JV Vikings 24-0.

Vikings over Wolverines 69-12

The Vikings continued the onslaught against Watkins Mill. The Wolverines had no heavies, forfeiting to Tom Wilmarth (Hwt.) to open the match, and then forfeiting to Danylo Hartzler (195) and Thomas Santora (220) to end the match. On the other hand, Watkins Mill put up two strong wrestlers at the light weights, securing pins against Peter Li at 106 and Isaac Besrat at 113. After the opening three bouts, the Vikes were down 12-6.

Peyton Casamento came out even faster this bout than last, scoring a take down at 1:53 then pinning his opponent at 1:34. Not to be outdone, Rian O’Connor used a headlock to takedown and pin his opponent, also at the 1:34 mark. Two consecutive 26-second pins, and the Vikings were up 18-12.

Sean Mitchell wrestled the most exciting bout of the match. Down 1-2 after a take down and escape, he took his opponent down and nearly landed a spladle, but was reversed at the buzzer and down 3-4. Beginning up in the second, he gave up a quick escape, then won a takedown at 0:47. Sean rode his opponent until the last ten seconds, when he was reversed, only to quickly reverse his opponent at the buzzer. The third period opened tied at 7-7 and Sean selecting down. He secured a quick escape, then executed a slide-by takedown. He was reversed at 0:55, but escaped with 0:09 remaining to win 11-9. 21-12 Vikings.   

In less than five minutes of wrestling that followed, the Vikings scored six pins and took a 57-12 lead. Matthew Lindstrom (138) swept an ankle for a takedown, then barbed wire to pin at 1:27. Colby Fong (145) used a headlock to a takedown, then a reverse half to a pin at 0:57.  Charlie Imperial (152) had a quick take down, then used a wrist-half combo for a pin at 0:44. Will Macdonald (160) used a barbed wire to a pin at 0:52. Max Gersch, wrestling up at 170, used a quick move to nail a pin at 1:23. Then John Mackall (182) had a quick takedown to half to pin at 1:20. With the two forfeits at 195 and 220, the Varsity Vikes claimed a 69-12 victory.

The JV Vikings won five matches and lost one.  Anh Le decisioned his opponent 6-4.  Kevin Zarin was leading 5-0 when he pinned his opponent at 0:58 in the second. Joseph Aron scored a single-leg takedown then pinned his opponent in 20 seconds. Arthur Dehareng used a cradle to pin his opponent in 18 seconds. Jimmy Ostler was down 0-4 after the first, but went from the up position to a cradle to a pin at 0:31 in the second. Sam Mindell wrestled a gutsy match, scoring two reversals and an escape, but lost a decision 5-13.  Final score, 27-4.

By Tom Mackall

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