Vikings @ Churchill and Wheaton Tri-Meet

Split Outcome in Tri-Meet with Wheaton and Churchill

            Having dominated Wheaton in the first match of the day, the Vikes fell just short of a sweep with an exciting conclusion to their match against tri-meet-host Churchill.

With Sr. Captain Yussef Zaki back in the lineup and some of the nagging injuries and illnesses healing, the 8-3 Vikings are stepping up for the home stretch of the season. Please come out this Tuesday, January 29, for Senior Night when the Vikes host Wootton. The 12 seniors will be recognized starting at 5:45, and the match will begin at 6:15.

Vikings over Wheaton Knights 64-12

The Vikings controlled their match against Wheaton from start to finish.

Peyton Casamento (120), still battling the remnants of illness and several days of missed practice, had good medicine with a quick pin to start the match. After a quick duck-under for a takedown, Peyton used an armbar to secure a quick pin. Caleb Brenner (126), also back from illness after missing the Springbrook Grapple, was then caught by his county-ranked opponent at the 1:12 mark for a pin. Matthew Lindstrom (132) fought through a tie-up for a takedown at 1:42, then used an armbar to put his opponent on his back and adjusted then to a half to land the pin at 0:53. Three bouts, three pins, Vikings up 12-6.

Colby Fong (138) jumped out to a 2-0 lead with a single leg takedown. Starting down in the second, Colby took a 4-0 lead with a reversal, then gave up an escape to lead 4-1 at the end of the period after fighting off an aggressive shot at the buzzer. Colby rode out the third for the decision and a 15-6 Viking lead.

Arthur Dehareng (145) followed suit with a first-period pin. After a double-leg takedown in the first ten seconds, Arthur used a barbed-wire to flip and pin his man at the 0:56 mark.

Charlie Imperial then scored a major to take the Vikes up 25-6. Charlie beat an opening shot to land the takedown, then used a slide-by to score another take down and had a 6-2 lead with a third takedown before using an armbar for a 3-point near fall and 9-2 lead at the end of the first. A reversal and another armbar for a near fall had Charlie up 13-2 after two. A quick escape to start the third, then a takedown with five seconds remaining, resulted in a 15-3 major.

John Mackall (160) rebounded from the injury that knocked him out of the Grapple. John went up 2-0 in the first with a single-leg, then escaped quickly to start the second before taking his opponent down and using a headlock for a pin at the 1:20 mark.

Seb Turkewitz (170) made even shorter work. Within 30 seconds he took down and pinned his opponent to give the Vikes a 37-6 lead.

Thomas Santora (182), who missed the Grapple because of injury, then delivered a 12-7 decision. After being taken down, Thomas escaped and scored a takedown just before the buzzer for a 3-2 lead. Down to start the second, Thomas escaped, scored a point on a stall call, gave up a takedown, escaped, and then won a tie up battle to land a takedown at 0:15 for an 8-4 lead. Neutral to start the third, Thomas scored a takedown and used an armbar for a near fall, before giving up a reversal and being assessed a point for stalling. 40-6 Vikes.

Danylo Hartzler (195), who also missed the Grapple because of illness, took a 6-2 lead after one with three takedowns. In the second, he scored a quick escape and, after a double-leg takedown, wired his man for a pin at the 0:54 mark.

After forfeits to Yussef Zaki (220) and Tom Wilmarth (285), Peter Li (106) surrendering a pin, and a forfeit to Isaac Besrat (113), the final score was 64-12.

Vikings Drop Thriller to Churchill Bulldogs 28-31

Next up was the highly anticipated match with Churchill, which did not disappoint for excitement as the outcome was not determined until the final bout.

Caleb Brenner’s (126) opening bout foreshadowed the remainder of the match. Facing his second county-ranked opponent of the day, Caleb was down 2-4 after one, fighting through a near fall at 1:10 then reversing his opponent at 0:50. Starting neutral in the second, Caleb scored a takedown to tie the score at 4-4. Down to start the third, Caleb went up 6-4 with a nice reversal at 1:42, but then gave up a bout-tying reversal, before getting caught in a headlock for a near fall and a 6-9 decision.

Matthew Lindstrom (132) then faced off against another county-ranked opponent. After a quick shot failed, Matthew tied up with his man, who got under his arms for a takedown and a pin. Colby Fong battled through tie-ups three different times, just missing take down moves of his own and then getting caught for takedowns, to drop a very close 4-8 decision. Arthur Dehareng, faced another county-ranked wrestler, and was down 0-9 before giving up a pin at 0:29. At this point, the Vikes had lost four matches and were down 0-18.

The Vikes then went on a run of their own.

Charlie Imperial (152), cheered on by his father who is a teacher at Churchill (and the rest of the crowd of course), won a 9-6 decision. After giving up a takedown, Charlie escaped then took his man down, before an escape tied the bout at 3-3 after one. A reversal at 0:57 of the second put Charlie up 5-3, and the period ended 5-4 after an escape. Charlie started up in the third and gave up an escape. Another takedown, escape, and takedown in the last 45 seconds secured the win and put the Vikes on the board 3-18.

John Mackall (160) took on a tall county-ranked opponent next. Ties, hand fights, and shots were to no avail in the first, which ended 0-0. John rode his opponent the full second period, just missing several attempts to flip his man to his back, and the match was still tied 0-0. In the third, John started down, scored a reversal in the first ten seconds, then rode out the rest of the period, again just missing on attempts for back points, but securing the 2-0 win. 6-18 Vikings.

Seb Turkewitz kept the streak going. At 0:55 in the first, Seb scored a takedown, then ceded an escape, then scored a single-leg before ceding another escape to lead 4-2 after one. A reversal and three-point near fall put Seb up 9-2 before he gave up a rare reversal then escaped to lead 10-4. Up to start the third, Seb gave up an escape then scored a takedown at 1:40. Seb then locked his opponent in a cradle and appeared to some in the crowd to have the pin at two different points. The referee did not see it that way, however, and awarded Seb three back points when his man finally wriggled out of the grip. A final escape resulted in a 15-6 major for Seb and a 10-18 team score.

Danylo Hartzler next wrestled at 182. Although he could not get ahead of the bout against his county-ranked opponent, Danylo was down 0-10 after a takedown in the third, then escaped to cut the lead to 1-10 and, in the last minute, scored a takedown to drop the margin to 3-10 and avoid the major decision in a match where every team point counted. Vikes down 10-21.

Thomas Santora wrestled up to 195. Taken down with a headlock that became an illegal hold once Thomas was down, he tied the score with an escape at 0:50, then went ahead 4-2 with a takedown at the buzzer. In the second, Thomas ceded an escape but maintained a 4-3 lead. Down in the third, Thomas could not score further points but secured the decision at 4-3, taking the team score to 13-21.

Yussef Zaki (220) then came onto the mat for his first active bout since going down early in the season. Facing a county-ranked opponent, Yussef made short work. A takedown at 1:20 and then a pin at 1:01 put the Vikes within striking distance at 19-21. Welcome back Yussef!

Tom Wilmarth (285) then put the Vikes on top. After several snaps, Tom slid by for a takedown and a 2-0 lead in the first. Tom rode top the entire second period, and chose top again to start the third. Tom had seen something during the second period, as he quickly broke down his man, put him in a wire, and pinned him at 1:45. The Whitman crowd erupted as the Vikes went up 25-21.

Peter Li (106) then battled gamely. Just missing several attempts to defeat shots with whizzers and takedowns of his own, Peter gave up a 4-16 major. At this point, the score was tied 25-25 with two matches to go, and both crowds were loud.

Isaac Besrat (113) faced another county-ranked foe. He fought off an armbar pin attempt for 28 seconds to end the first. Starting the second in the neutral position and down 0-5, Isaac gave up a takedown, then was caught in a half and pinned.

Peyton Casamento (120) then took the mat against a county-ranked opponent knowing that he had to secure a pin to tie the match. Peyton took the match to his opponent. Up 2-0 after a takedown in the first, Peyton fought a shot in the second to land another takedown and go up 4-0. Peyton worked furiously to flip his man to his back, but the Bulldog curled up tightly and at one point was called for stalling, clearly working to avoid a pin. Peyton, exhausted after a week of illness and a furious effort in the second, went up 6-0 with a reversal to start the second, but could not maintain the top. After a reversal and near fall, Peyton came away with an impressive win, a 6-5 decision. Final score, 28-31.

Come out Tuesday night for Senior Night against Wootton, which will be followed by the Battle-of-Bethesda, a tri-meet with B-CC and WJ hosted this year at B-CC, on Saturday February 2. Go Vikes!

By: Tom Mackall

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