Vikings @ Clarksburg

Vikings Lose Season Opener to Clarksburg

Despite strong performances from returning and new wrestlers, a younger-than-expected Vikings Varsity lost a hard fought season-opening match to Clarksburg by a score of 27-47. The Varsity match was followed by a robust JV match of 19bouts, suggesting a bright future for both programs.

Charlie Imperial (Jr. 182) put the Vikes on top out of the gate.  Down 2-5 in the second, Charlie fired up and landed a takedown that he turned quickly into a half for a pin. Vikes up 6-0.

Luke Cullinane (Sr. 195) fell behind 1-4 in the first, after just missing a single-leg that his opponent turned into a takedown. Starting down in the second, Luke was caught with a power half leading to a near fall at 0:45, then pinned at 0:29. Tie match, 6-6.

At 220, Sr. Jay Gatten won by forfeit. At 285, Freshman Tom Alvaro grappled to a 0-0 draw at the end of the first, then gave up an escape to go down 0-1 in the second. Starting down in the third, Tom was caught reaching and pinned at the 1:43 mark. Tied 12-12 going into the lighter weights.

Ian Galt (Fr. 106) electrified the Vikings crowd with his performance. Ian went up 2-0 on a double-leg takedown at 1:17 in the first, then gave up an escape to lead 2-1. Starting up in the second, Ian kept his opponent in check before catching the half and pinning him at the 1:19 mark. Vikings up 18-12.

The Vikes then dropped the next four matches. Kevin Zarin (So. 113) was caught in a near fall at the last buzzer that gave his opponent at 5-point technical fall. Isaac Besrat (Jr. 120) was pinned at 0:30 in the second. Joseph Aron (So. 126) was pinned at 1:36 in the first. Sam Mindell (So. 132) then lost a very tough match. Showing a tremendous leap from last year, Sam took ashot but got beat with a whizzer for a takedown at 1:30 in the first, then fought off a chicken wing move at the buzzer. After a reversal and illegal hold call, Sam was down 4-1 at the end of two. Another reversal and illegal hold resulted in a 1-6 loss for Sam. After these four matches, Vikes were down 18-32.

Jimmy Ostler (Jr. 138) stepped up the energy for the Vikes, landing a takedown in ten seconds, allowing an escape, then taking a double-leg takedown to a cradle for a pin at 1:03. Vikings back in it, 24-32.

Ryan O’Connor (Jr. 145) just missed a victory. Both wrestlers took and beat takedown shots over two periods, with the only points coming from escapes as of 1:47 in the third. Clarksburg then landed a double-leg with only 13 seconds remaining to take a 1-3 decision. Vikes down 24-35.

Arthur Deharang (Jr. 150) put the Vikes back in the win column. Arthur scored first with a double-leg, but gave up an escape at 0:25, then allowed his opponent to slide behind him for a takedown with five seconds left in the first. Arthur went up 4-3 after the second period on an illegal hold (winding up to chop the elbow) and an escape with seven seconds left. Arthur preserved the lead riding hard on top of his opponent through the third. Vikes down 27-35.

Clarksburg then iced the match with two consecutive pins. Will MacDonald (Jr. 160) was up 4-2 in the second before getting tagged for a point for grabbing head gear then allowing a reversal to go down 4-5. He was caught with a half and pinned with three seconds remaining in the second. Seb Turkewitz (Sr. 170) then faced off against Kyler Ram, who placed fourth in counties the previous year, suffering a concussion in the semifinals. Seb started down in the second, and escaped to take the score to 2-4. Down 2-6 after a takedown, Seb was caught attempting a sit-turn and pinned with four seconds remaining. Final Score 27-47.

The Vikes’ lineup at Clarksburg was younger than anticipated before the season. Senior Payton Casamento has just recently returned after an illness and will strengthen the team going forward. Senior John Mackall, however, is out for the season recovering from a football injury. This team is only going to get better as the season progresses, so come out and cheer them on. Next up is the home opener against Poolesville on Wednesday December 11 sat 6:15.

JV Vikes Prevail 71-33

A horde of JV Vikings got precious mat time going into the Viking Quest JV Tournament starting at 8:30 AM at Whitman on Saturday, December 7.

The results were promising for the Vikes as the JV’s won 13 matches. Logan Glazier (Jr.) scored two first-period pins in less than three total minutes. Zane Shami (Fr.) scored a first-period pin after going up 4-1. Peter Li (So.) was up 5-1 then used a half to pin his opponent in the second. Sully Kadnar (So.) wrestled to a 7-2 decision. Saul Remick (So.) ran a half to a first-period pin. Gage Konrad (Jr.) just missed a pin in the second and scored a major at 8-0. Robert Marshall (So.) pinned his opponent in 14 seconds. Alex Ibrahim (So.) used a headlock for a takedown then pinned his opponent in the first. Henry Sowells (Jr.) scored two takedowns before pinning his opponent in the first. Cole Wharton (So.) scored a takedown with five seconds remaining in his match to take a 13-4 major. In his second match of the evening, Conrad Randall (Fr.) scored a takedown then ran a half for a pin with seven seconds remaining in the first.

The future is bright for the Vikes!

By:  Tom Mackall

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