Vikings vs. Poolesville

Vikings Downed By Strong Poolesville Team

                The Whitman Vikings encountered a strong Poolesville Panthers team in the home opener, falling short by a score of 21-50.  Another robust JV set of pairings followed, with the JV Vikes prevailing 54-39.

                Arthur Dehareng (Jr. 152) began the evening wrestling against Kevin Fultz, who placed 5th in the state last year at 145. Down 0-2 after a takedown in the first, the wrestlers started neutral in the second. Fultz beat a beat a double-leg shot, flipping Arthur for a takedown. With an escape at 0:05, Arthur was down 1-4. In the third, Fultz stood Arthur up and turned a double-leg for a reversal, leading to the final score of 1-6. Vikes down 0-3.

                Will MacDonald (Jr. 160) dropped a decision to Jackson Barney. Barney slid by a double-leg shot for a takedown, but Will crawled back to 3-4 before getting caught with a double-leg at 0:08 to go down 3-6. In the second, Will got caught for a reversal attempting to throw Barney back down to the mat. Starting down in the third, Barney lifted and threw Will to his back for two-point near fall and 3-10 final score. Vikes down 0-6.

                Seb Turkewitz (Sr. 170) was then pinned with a cradle in the first by Colin Savage, who is ranked by Tron Carter as first in the county at 160 after placing twice at states.  Vikes down 0-12.

Charlie MacDonald (Jr. 182) faced Xavier Kresslein, ranked first in the county after placing third at states. Kresslein ducked under for a takedown, then allowed an escape before using a cradle for a takedown and near fall in the first. Down 1-6, Charlie yielded an escape, takedown, and near fall, but fought off the pin, to enter the third down 2-14. After a reversal and escape, a double leg takedown resulted in a 3-18 technical fall. Vikes down 0-17.

Luke Cullinane (Sr. 195) put the Vikes in the win column with a first-round pin. Using a chin-and-wing, Luke put his man on his back and never let him up. The ref whistled the pin at 1:17. Vikes down 6-17.

Jay Gatten (Sr. 220) got caught in a sit-turn attempt and was pinned at 0:24 in the first, and the Vikes forfeited at Heavyweight. Vikes down 6-29.

Ryan Darby (So. 106) scored a third-period pin. He was up 4-2 after the first, scoring a double-leg takedown and a near fall before getting too high and allowing a flip for a reversal. Starting down in the second, Ryan escaped quickly, used an underhook for a takedown and a half for a near fall, then surrendered an escape and takedown before ending the period with a reversal. A throw for a takedown put him up 14-5 in the third before he used a half for a pin with 0:30 remaining. Vikes down 12-29.

Kevin Zarin (So. 113) threw his opponent for a takedown then quickly used a half for a pin at 1:21. Vikes down 18-29.

Isaac Besrat (Jr. 120) was down 0-5 after two but refused to give up. He stormed back with five points in the third, allowing only an escape, and falling just short 5-6. Vikes down 18-32.

Peyton Casamento (Sr. 126), back in the lineup, then sparked with a win. He sprawled against a shot in the first, and spun around for a takedown and 2-0 lead. In the second, a sit-turn reversal put him up 4-0, before he cut his opponent for a 4-1 lead. In the third, his opponent was assessed a point for stalling, but scored an escape with 12 seconds remaining. Peyton wins 5-2. Vikes down 21-32.

The Vikes then lost their last three bouts. Sam Mindell was pinned in the first off a cement mixer move. Ryan O’Connor was pinned in the first after a double-leg and bear hug put him on his back. The Vikes forfeited at 145.  Final score:  Vikings 21, Panthers 50.

The JV Vikings won nine of 15 bouts. Jimmy Ostler scored a double-leg takedown then pinned his opponent at 1:31 in the first. Sully Kadnar followed suit with the same sequence, pinning his opponent at 1:30. Henry Sowells used a baseball bat grip to pull his opponent into a takedown, then ran a half for a pin at 1:00. Zach Poe scored a takedown and near fall before landing a pin with a half at 1:29. Zane Shami was down 3-4 in the first before using a headlock for a takedown and near fall for an 8-4 lead. In the second, he cut an escape for his opponent, was taken down with a chin-and-wing, then reversed and pinned his opponent with 2 seconds remaining. Robert Marshall was taken down with a bear hug, but then used a back drive to pin his man in the first. Tom Alvaro snapped his man for a quick takedown, then turned a half for the pin. Peter Li nailed a quick single-leg, then took a half for a pin at 1:33. Patrick Fletcher then ended the night with a pin, going up 5-1 after one and riding for no points in the second. He escaped from down in the third then used a standing cradle to the mat for a pin with 20 seconds remaining.

The Varsity Vikes’ next match is a Tri-Meet at Wootton High School on Saturday, December 14, at 2:30 PM against Wootton and Gaithersburg.  The JV Vikes practice at Landon on Thursday, December 12, then travel to Northwest for JV Duals on Saturday, December 14.

Go Vikes!!

By: Tom Mackall

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