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Vikings Punch 3 Tickets to the BIG DANCE!

Peyton Casamento
Sebastian Turkewitz
Stephanie Solloso

Vikings Battle Tough at Regions

MPSSAA 4A-3A West Regional

  • Sebastian Turkewitz – 2nd Place
  • Peyton Casamento – 3rd Place
  • Luke Cullinane – 5th Place
  • Charlie Imperial – 6th Place

MPSSAA Girls 4A-3A West Regional

  • Stephanie Solloso – 1st Place

Vikings Place Three at Counties

                With Senior Captains Peyton Casamento and Sebastian Turkewitz securing third place and Junior Charlie Imperial placing sixth at the County Wrestling Tournament at Gaithersburg High School Saturday, the Vikings will send at least three wrestlers to the Regionals at Clarksburg next weekend. 

Casamento (120) and Turkewitz (170) both matched their third-seed starting points by pinning their opponents in the third rounds of their Consolation Finals matches and securing third place in the tournament.

Casamento pinned 4-seed Holda from Sherwood at 1:03 in the third for his finals win. Tied 0-0 after the first, Peyton sensed Holda was riding high in the second and rolled him over for a reversal. Holda took top to start the third and got too high in his ride again. This time, Peyton secured Holda’s head and rolled him over onto his shoulders for the pin. Peyton began the tourney against Bucy of QO. The match began intensely, but Peyton snapped the head and secured a takedown at 1:30 before using an arm bar and chest-to-chest for a pin at 0:29. Next up against Magruder’s Houldswort, Peyton snapped again for a takedown and cradled for a pin at 1:16. Peyton faced Springbrook’s 2-seed and bracket runner-up, Matt Kilby, in the Semi-Finals. He led 3-2 after one, giving up a takedown before escaping and taking Kilby down and just missing a near fall at the buzzer. Peyton deferred choice to start the second, and Kilby chose top. Peyton spun and got to his feet before Kilby used legs to take him back to the mat, then caught Peyton’s arm above and behind him and used the leverage to secure a surprising pin. Against WJ’s Termini, Peyton led 4-0 after one and started from down in the second. A quick escape, then a headlock and shuck to gain advantage put him up 7-0 before he locked Termini in a cradle for a pin at 1:02 to qualify for the 3-4 Consolation Final.

                Seb Turkewitz used a takedown-to-pin with one second remaining in regulation of his finals match to win his rematch with Isiah Bell of Damascus and take home his third-place medal. The bout was close throughout, tied 1-1 with points coming only from escapes. Bell attempted repeated headlock takedown moves as time ran down. Seb finally got under Bell’s arms and put him right to his back and held him for the pin. Seb started the tourney against Bell as well. He faced a 1-4 deficit after surrendering a reversal in the second, then turned the tables when he escaped then sprawled and pressured Bell’s head down to get behind him for a takedown just before the buzzer. Tied 4-4, Seb escaped in the third for a 5-4 lead, then hand fought and slid behind his opponent for a takedown and 7-4 lead. After allowing an escape, Seb fended off a last-second shot to secure the 7-5 win and advance to the semis. Facing 2-seed and bracket champion, Jaedyn Harris from Gaithersburg, Seb could not get underneath for any strong shots and dropped a 0-7 decision. Seb advanced to the 3-4 Consolation Bout through an exciting overtime victory against Blair’s Ayivi, the 4-seed. Tied 1-1 at end of regulation, Ayivi attempted a shot to Seb’s body, but Seb got underneath, hugged Ayivi, and used an inside trip to put Ayivi on his back before securing the superior position for the decisive takedown.

                Charlie Imperial (182) started as a 7-seed and finished sixth, losing a close 5-7 decision against 6-seed Kahadze of QO in his 5-6 Consolation Final. Charlie opened the tourney with a technical fall against Watkins Mill’s Yanez. Yanez had no answer for Charlie’s tilt, which he used for five near falls and a 13-0 lead after one. Starting up in the second, another tilt near fall secured the 15-0 win. Facing 2-seed and bracket runner-up, Olympio from Northwest, in the quarterfinals, Charlie got caught with a barbed wire for a pin at 1:10 in the third. Against Little of Sherwood in his first consolation bout, Charlie again used his tilt move, going up 2-0 after 2, then reversing and nailing three more tilts for a 10-0 major. Facing a 0-0 tie going into the third period against Chen of Blair, Charlie started on top and landed two near-fall tilts for a 4-0 lead. He allowed an escape and a takedown, but toughed out the 4-3 win. Fourth-seeded Pace of Rockville pinned Charlie in the consolation semis to put him into the 5-6 bout.

The Vikings brought seven wrestlers to the tournament, which included Juniors Isaac Besrat, Will MacDonald, and Ryan O’Connor, and Senior Captain Luke Cullinane, in addition to Casamento, Imperial, and Turkewitz. Luke (195) pinned Clarksburg’s Stamper in Consolation Round 2 to take him to the verge of qualifying for a top-6 bout. Luke was up 1-0 with less than 30 seconds remaining against Blair’s Vernon when Vernon eked out a reversal and near fall just before the buzzer. Junior Captain Will Macdonald (160) took down Rockville’s Criollo and caught him in a cradle for a pin in the first period of his Consolation Round 1 match, but then dropped a 2-6 decision to Gaithersburg’s Morones (who placed sixth) in Round 2.

                Because some of the teams that wrestle in the County Tournament progress to different regions than Whitman, one or more of the wrestlers who did not place may in fact qualify for the regional tournament in addition to Charlie, Peyton, and Seb. That will not be confirmed until early this week. In any event, please make your way to Clarksburg High School on Friday and Saturday, February 28 and 29, to cheer on the wrestling Vikings.

                And, congratulations to all the Vikings whose seasons have ended for showing tenacity and grit, working hard to improve, and proudly continuing Whitman’s wrestling tradition. We know all the underclassmen will learn from both the highs and lows of the season and use their experiences to motivate for the off season work and prepare and improve through the 2020-21 season.

By: Tom Mackall

Senior Night

They are four-year student managers, Micaela Murragarra and Alexa Hoover, and senior wrestlers Peyton Casamento (Captain), Luke Cullinane (Captain), John Mackall (Captain), Stephanie Solloso (State Champion), and Seb Turkewitz (Captain).  The team will miss the four years of leadership each of these students has provided, but looks forward to seeing the exciting crew of underclassmen continue to grow and contribute.


Seniors Honored, Vikes Split Battle of Bethesda

Senior Night Team Pic

                The Vikings honored seven seniors between bouts on Saturday, then proceeded to wallop Walter Johnson before losing to a very strong B-CC team.

Vikings Dominate W-J

                                Walter Johnson spotted the Vikings 18 points in the first three matches with forfeits to Luke Cullinane (195), Robert Marshall (220), and Tom Alvaro (285). 

                Conrad Randall then kept the streak rolling.  Tied 2-2 after the first, the wrestlers started neutral in the second. Conrad got under his opponent’s arms for a takedown and 3-point near fall to go up 7-2.  After an escape, takedown, escape sequence, Conrad used a hug for a takedown just before the buzzer to go up 11-4. Starting up in the third, Conrad cut his opponent, then scored a quick takedown for 13-5 lead. Using strong wrist control, Conrad finished strong with a three-point near fall and a final decision of 16-5.  With the major, Vikes up 22-0.

                Kevin Zarin then lost a heartbreaker in overtime. Kevin was up 5-2 after one, scoring the first takedown with a nice snap, but then giving up a reversal with failed tilt attempt before escaping and using a hug for another takedown. In the second, Kevin scored a reversal before being reversed on another failed tilt attempt. Kevin escaped then yielded a takedown to end the period up 8-6.  Kevin started up in the third, but surrendered a reversal and was unable to escape to end regulation in an 8-8 tie. In overtime, Kevin’s opponent shot into his midsection and scored a takedown for the 8-10 decision. 22-3, Vikings.

                Isaac Besrat put the Vikings back in the win column with an 11-2 major. A double-leg in the first put Isaac up 2-0. In the second, Isaac reversed after starting down, allowed an escape, then turned a nice sprawl against a single leg shot into a takedown for a 6-1 lead. Isaac allowed an escape early in the third, before a takedown and near fall secured the win.  26-3, Vikings.

                Alex Ibrahim then wrestled at 126 and secured another major decision. Up 2-0 and starting neutral in the second, Alex sprawled against a takedown shot, pushed the head, and spun for the takedown and a 4-0 lead. A two-point near fall followed by a cradle that nearly won the pin put Alex up 9-0. After an escape, Alex scored another takedown and two-point near fall to start the third up 13-1. Alex was caught in a cradle for a near fall early in the third before escaping then landing a double leg with 0:33 remaining to finish a 16-3 major.  Vikings up 30-3.

                Peyton Casamento then continued his season of dominance wrestling up at 132.  Peyton beat a whizzed against his takedown shot, then used an arm bar for a three-point near fall to end the first up 5-0.  Starting down in second, Peyton used a sit-spin move to gain the quick reversal then a barbed wire to nail the pin with 1:46 remaining.  36-3, Vikings.

                W-J scored pins against Jimmy Ostler (138) and Sam Mindell (145) before Ryan O’Connor put the Vikes back in the win column with a tough 4-2 decision. Arm control allowed Ryan to pull his opponent off balance and slide by for a take down and 2-0 lead, before riding tightly to end the period.  Starting up in the second, Ryan allowed an escape, scored a single leg, then allowed another escape to enter the third up 4-2. With a neutral start in the third, each wrestler took and fended off shots, with Ryan ending the match in a 20-second sprawl against a last gasp take down attempt.  Vikings up 39-15.

                Will MacDonald took a 2-2 tie into the second, where he started down. A quick reversal put him up 4-2 before he used an arm bar to flip his opponent and secure the second-period pin.  45-15 Vikings.

                After a forfeit to Logan Glazier put the Vikes up 51-15, Sebastian Turkewitz added to the lead. Seb used a headlock to put his opponent straight to his back for a five-point lead then ran up around the clock with a half for another near fall, just missing a pin before the buzzer.  In the second, Seb allowed a takedown before taking a reversal then securing his opponent’s arm underneath his body and flipping him to his back. This time he nailed the pin with 0:13 remaining.  57-15 Vikings.

                With a forfeit at 182 to Patrick Fletcher, the Vikes prevailed 63-15.

Vikes Lose to B-CC

                B-CC may be the best team in the county this year and showed their prowess top-to-bottom defeating the Vikes 12-58.  Two Viking seniors shined, however, in their last regular season bouts.

                Peyton Casamento wrestled back at 126 against the Barons. Peyton beat a shot against him with a chin-and-wing that put his opponent straight to the mat on his back. Peyton locked on for the pin with 56 seconds remaining the first.  The bout was never in doubt.

                Seb Turkewitz took a much more thrilling path to his victory. Seb was down 1-4 after the first, giving up two takedowns.  Starting down in the second, Seb scored a quick escape. Having learned from his opponent in the first, Seb made a quick level change and secured a leg for a takedown at 1:15 on the clock, then rode out the period to a 4-4 tie.  Third period started neutral, and Seb ended up on the down-side of an intense grapple-and-roll sequence.  Seb quickly escaped, however, and faced an exhausted opponent trying to stretch out a decision. With Seb moving forward, his opponent kept backing away resulting first in a stall warning then in a stall point with about 7 seconds remaining that tied up the match.  In overtime, with the crowd on its feet, Seb got under the arms of his opponent and put him to the mat.  The takedown alone would have won the sudden death, but because Seb put his man straight to his back, he had the opportunity to secure the pin, which he did to a standing ovation from the Viking crowd.

                The Battle of Bethesda tri-meet ends the regular season for the Vikings.  The JV County tournament is this weekend, starting at 7:00 am Saturday, February 15 at Gaithersburg High School.  Varsity Counties begin at 4:30 pm at Gaithersburg High School on Friday, February 21.  Let’s all come out and support our wrestlers in the post-season.  Go Vikes!

By: Tom Mackall


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