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Extra Shorts & T-Shirts Available

Coach Manon has some extra shorts and t-shirts that he’d love to make available to everyone to purchase. Please let him know if you or your son/daughter would want some extra clothes for practice or in time for the holiday season.  He’d like to sell the new clothes this year for only $20 each for t-shirts and shorts.  He also has just a few extras from last year that would only be $10 for t-shirts and shorts.  Please let him know if you would like some and what size and he’ll set them aside for you first come first serve.

Viking clothing on SALE!

Do you need an extra wrestling shirt or shorts for camp? Do your loyal fans want to show their support by wearing Whtiman Wrestling gear? If so, read on:

We have an excess of black under armor t-shirts as well as some blue and  some black Whitman Wrestling athletic shorts in many sizes that we’re selling for only $10 each.

T-shirts: 5-sm, 3-lg, 5-xl, 2-xxl, 1-xxxl

Black Shorts : 3-sm, 1-med, 1-xl
Blue Shorts  : 5-sm, 9-med, 3-lg, 1-xl, 3-xxl

So parents, wrestlers, older or younger siblings, or any other relatives or friends want some great “Vikes Gear” please let Coach Manon know by email ( or or phone (301-728-6478).  This is also a great way to also get our 23 wrestlers going to camp an extra t-shirt and shorts.