Preseason Requirements:

Before the season begins, wrestlers must register on-line for winter sports, provide a physical clearance form, and undergo a weight certification process.

Winter Sports On-Line Registration:

MCPS requires all athletes to register on-line before beginning a new season of sports. You will receive an email with links to the on-line registration process. This process must be completed before the start of the season.

Physical Clearance Forms:

Wrestlers must have a physical clearance form signed by a doctor. The form can be uploaded during the on-line registration process or submitted electronically to Athletic Director Andrew Wetzel.

Weight Certification:

All wrestlers must undergo an annual weight certification process, which typically takes place on a Saturday in early November. We generally meet at Whitman that Saturday morning to take a bus to another county high school. More detailed information will be provided to you by email. Please note that all attending wrestlers must be wearing workout gear with shorts or shorts under their sweats. They will get their height measured, urine tested for proper hydration, and THEN they will get body fat tested. The resulting printout will tell them what percentage of body fat they have and what weight they would be if they were at 7% body fat. This is the minimum weight class they could be allowed to participate in. PLEASE NOTE, this IS NOT the weight we want all wrestlers to get to as an individual. It is merely a guideline that if they were to naturally and gradually lose weight then this is the minimum they could wrestle. It is not uncommon for a young wrestler to drop 2-3 weight classes because they are losing body fat through the natural course of the season. We do not concentrate on “cutting weight.” Instead, we want the wrestlers to eat healthy, work hard, and stay strong throughout the year. These topics will be covered in more detail at preseason meetings.