• Scoring by the wrestler in each match goes as follows:
    • A takedown from the neutral position is worth 2 points
    • Once down on the mat a wrestler may earn:
      • An escape is worth one point
        • This is when a wrestler who has been taken down or starts the period in the bottom referee’s position is able to get away from his opponents control. He is able to get to his feet and face his opponent.
      • A reversal is worth two points
        • This is when a wrestler who is on the bottom position on the mat and is able to reverse positions with his opponent and now control him on the mat by being behind him in control
      • Near Fall/Back points are worth 2 or three points
        • This is when the offensive wrestler who is on top uses a move to turn his opponents shoulders past 45 degrees and earn back points
          • If the referee counts a 2, 3, or 4 count the offensive wrestler earns 2 near fall points. If the referee counts to 5 then the wrestler earns 3 near fall points.
      • There are also a variety of technical violations (penalties) that can cost a wrestler points. A wrestler is penalized by the referee seeing the infraction and then awarding the opponent a point for the violation
        • These technical violations include (but are not limited to): stalling, locking hands, illegal holds(like full nelsons), hands to the face, and grasping opponents uniform.
  • In a dual meet a winning wrestler then earns points for his team.
    • If a wrestler wins by fall/pin, forfeit, injury default, or disqualification he earns 6 team points for the team
    • If a wrestler wins by 15 or more points(Technical fall or “Tech fall”) in his match he earns 5 points for the team
    • If a wrestler wins by a margin of 8-14 points (Major Decision) then he earns 4 points for his team
    • If a wrestler wins by 1-7 points (Decision) then he earns 3 points for his team.
  • In a tournament a winning wrestler earns points for his team in the following ways.
    • If he wins in the “championship bracket”(this is where all wrestlers start) he earns 2 points for advancing.
      • If he advances by fall he earns 2 additional points
      • If he advances by technical fall then he earns 1 ½ additional points.
      • If he advances by major decision then he earns 1 additional point
    • If at any time the wrestler loses then he will “drop down” to the “consolation bracket.” These are often called the “wrestlebacks.” If a wrestler wins in the wrestlebacks then he will earn 1 point for advancing
      • The previous bonus points apply in the wrestle backs for winning by fall, tech fall, or major.
    • Place points are also earned by any wrestler who places in the top 6 of their weight class. Those points are highlighted in the regional tournament section above.

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