Team Information and Forms

First, the annual weight certification day is on Saturday, November 4th We will need all wrestlers to meet at Whitman by 11 AM.  The bus will leave by 11:30 for Blake H.S.  Please note that all attending wrestlers must be wearing workout gear with shorts or shorts under their sweats.  They will get their height measured, urine tested for proper hydration, and THEN they will get body fat tested.  The resulting printout will tell them what percentage of body fat they have and what weight they would be if they were at 7% body fat.  This is the minimum weight class they could be allowed to participate in.  PLEASE NOTE, this IS NOT the weight we want all wrestlers to get to as an individual.  It is merely a guideline that if they were to naturally and gradually lose weight then this is the minimum they could wrestle.  It is not uncommon for a young wrestler to drop 2-3 weight classes because they are losing body fat through the natural course of the season.  We do not concentrate on “cutting weight”, instead we want the wrestlers to eat healthy, work hard, and stay strong throughout the year.  We will cover this more at our preseason meetings that will be announced.  I have attached several files with the permission slip for certs and other pertinent information.
Additionally, MCPS is starting to ask parents to complete the forms for each season online now.   This is new for the Winter 2017-2018 season.  I have attached a file that will give you the website and specifics about how to go about doing that.  The only form that I need in a hard copy format is the page on the physical(health inventory) that says “Clearance Sheet.” 



Dear Parents/Guardians,
The Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Athletics program is excited to announce the launch of the online registration program for the upcoming winter sports season through the myMCPS Parent Portal<>;. The portal will officially open on Monday, October 16, 2017 (at 6:00 a.m.) and will feature registration for all high school interscholastic athletic teams. The myMCPS Parent Portal<>; is a secure, user-friendly online registration platform designed to provide a convenient registration process for our students and parents/guardians. Additionally, the portal will help MCPS Athletics become more administratively efficient and environmentally responsible.
Information for Registration
To begin, in order to register and access online registration, parents/guardians must confirm their login information to the myMCPS Parent Portal<>;. myMCPS login information was mailed home for all students. Parents/guardians who need login information for the portal should contact the school. Parents/guardians can find support materials for using the myMCPS Parent Portal at
During registration, parents/guardians will need to verify information about the student-athlete’s medical providers, health insurance, health history, immunizations, physical exams and medications. MCPS Form SR-8, Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation for Athletics must be completed prior to student participation in tryouts and practices. Parent/guardians can provide a hard copy to the athletic director.
Registration for winter sports should be completed by November 13, 2017. The first day of tryouts/practices for winter sports is November 15, 2017.
Registration Quick Tips
Two versions of step-by-step directions are attached to this email – one has screen shots and one does not.
Step 1: Open the Athletic Registration Application from the myMCPS Parent Portal

* Chrome is the recommended internet browser
* The athletics registration platform is not yet fully user friendly with a cell phone

Step 2: Review the instructions for completing Athletic Registration forms

* Step-by-step directions for completing the forms are attached to this email
* Directions are also available on the MCPS Athletics website<>;.

Step 3: Complete the Athletic Registration Forms

* Contact the student’s school to update demographic information in student-athletes record if incorrect information is displayed
* Wrestling has an additional form for parent/guardians to complete during registration

Step 4: Review and Submit Athletic Registration Forms

* Parent/guardians should print or save a Submission Confirmation page for their records
* Student-athletes should submit a hard copy of the Physical Clearance Form to their respective coach or athletic director, if the form was not uploaded electronically during the online registration process.


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