Photos & Videos


Thank you to Bonnie Sharbaugh for providing wonderful photos of our wrestlers from this season’s matches. The link to this season’s photos is here:

Thanks also to Russel and Dick Leighton for providing amazing photos of our wrestlers from previous seasons. The link to prior year Whitman Wrestling galleries is here:

Standard Instructions:


  1. Go to
  2. Under the banner photo you will see:

    Most Popular Photos

  3. Clicking ‘Home’ will take you back to the home page at

    Click this if you get lost navigating the site

  4. Click ‘About’ will show a small gallery with some text and pics of Russel and his father
  5. Clicking ‘Gallery Categories’ will open a window pane below with 2 galleries. Click on the gallery marked ‘Whitman Wrestling’
  6. You will see a list of galleries, one for each game with a thumbnail next to each. Click on the thumbnail on the game you are interested in viewing.
  7. Click on the thumbnail photos on the left to see a large pic on the right.
  8. There are arrows and page numbers above the pics to navigate through the pages.

Downloading Photos:

  1. When inside a gallery, the selected photo will be on the right and larger than the thumbnails on the left.
  2. Hovering the mouse over the selected photo on the right will cause a menu to appear on the right. From the menu you can:

    Vote if you like the pic by clicking on the up or down ‘thumb’
    Change the size of the pic the browser
    See the meta data (camera info)
    Save the original file to your computer

  3. To save to your computer: click on the ‘Save Photo’ icon

RSS Feeds:

  • Each page has an option for an RSS Feed
  • If you use Firefox the RSS feed icon will be at the end of the address bar, just click.


Videos are again at Flowrestling ( thanks to Dan Fisher. Email him for authorization to view the videos.


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